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Q: "Can you make keys with chips (transponders) in them?  Or do I have to go to the dealer for that?"

A: YES! We do! We cut and program keys and fobs for most vehicles!

Q: "The dealership told me I had to have my car towed to them, because no one else can add a key to my car, is that true?

A: In most cases that is NOT true.  We come to your vehicle and make a key on the spot, no towing necessary.

Q: "Do you only make keys for cars?"

A: We are a full-service locksmith, so we also rekey locks, cut/copy keys, and replace & install new door hardware for residential and commercial properties! We can also help with mailbox locks and keys, house door locks and keys, self-storage locks, and deadbolts. 

Q: "Where is your shop located?"

A: We are 100% Mobile, We come to You!

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